Our client who was a medical doctor was suspended from his role for raising patient safety related concerns to his hospital (effectively whistleblowing about poor care delivery to patients). Victito was contacted at the point the person was being suspended from their role.

What We Did

  • Advised the client in how to respond to letters received from their employer
  • Met the client at a place convenient for them to discuss the issues and the outcome they were expecting
  • Supported them with identifying the evidence they required to challenge the suspension
  • Provided psychological support needed by the client to try and process what they were going through

What was the outcome?

While the client did not get the desired outcome they wanted from their organisation, they were supported by Victito to regain their confidence which in turn resulted in them being able to seek and secure an alternative employment.


‘I am a very senior doctor. I found myself the target of bullying and harassment in the workplace to a point I was taken ill. Victito provided me with a huge level of support during the period when I was vulnerable. Drawing from experience, and having the patience to listen to me, Victito helped me make the correct decisions for my health and well being, while maintaining my responsibility to patient safety. I have come out of this period very well and continue to work successfully and I continue to serve the UK public as a senior doctor. I would like to thank Victito for the time they took to speak to me and guide me through one of the most difficult periods in my life’

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