Standard Package

Standard Package (members):

This is aimed at individuals who are in dispute with their employer and are full members of Victito. The Standard Package will normally comprise:

  • Victito agreement to support you fully with your employment dispute
  • Legal, employment relations, governance, experts-by-experience, and any other experts as specific to your case advice and investigative approach
  • Drafting of letters and phone calls with your employer regarding the dispute
  • Accompanying you to all necessary meetings.
  • Emotional support in dealing with the challenge: e.g. counselling, coaching session
  • Access to our Members Assistance Programme 
  • Emergency helpline or online service which gives you the opportunity to discuss any workplace concerns you might have or support during difficult periods. This will give you access to advice when experiencing difficulties or to escalate any concerns
  • Representation in employment proceedings
  • Support with identifying your required outcome and what a ‘plan B’ may be
  • Identifying alternative approaches to instigating an employment tribunal claim, including negotiation of potential settlement agreements
  • Networking Forum which allow you to link with individuals who are going through similar workplace challenges

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