Initial Immediate Access

Initial Immediate Access (New & Non-Members):

This is aimed at individuals who have a workplace issue requiring our support but are either new Victito members (i.e. less than six months membership) or have not yet become a member of Victito. The Initial Immediate Access service requires non-members to join as a Victito member and will normally comprise of:

  • An hourly single flat rate of £80 for standard support within the first six months
  • Agreement to support you with your employment dispute: Please note that unions will not get involved in supporting anyone who is not an existing member and the only alternatives are expensive or ‘No Win No Fee’ solicitors who will normally only take the case if you have a 60% chance of winning. Furthermore, they will not usually provide any support to find a solution outside of formal legal proceedings
  • Employment relations and any other support specific to your case advice and investigative approach
  • Supporting you in drafting letters and navigating communications with your employer regarding the dispute
  • Support with identifying your required outcome and what a ‘plan B’ may look like
  • Identifying alternative approaches to instigating an employment tribunal claim, including mediation
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