Why Choose Us?


Victito is a membership organisation offering a comprehensive personalised support service to help you resolve your employment concerns. We draw on a range of subject matter experts as your case requires to offer you a desired outcome. We are constantly exploring new approaches to helping people resolve their employment concern.

We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every case we work on. Put simply, if you want help solving your employment problems choose Victito. Naturally, our approach will depend on the specific circumstances of each individual case, but can involve the following interventions.

Membership automatically includes legal insurance and a Members Assistance Programme.


  • focus only on the individual’s case. We use our excellent legal, employment and governance knowledge and experience to take a pragmatic, yet supportive perspective focussed on results orientated solutions
  • are happy to work independently or with individuals’ trade unions, where appropriate, to support you in achieving an acceptable outcome
  • can provide support to you at any stage of your case, and unlike most trade unions, you do not need to have been a member (of Victito) before we will take up your case
  • are independent of your employer. We will work with your employer, as appropriate, but will maintain independence so the focus is on getting the best result for you
  • will act with integrity and be honest to you which means that if we find that the issues you are faced with have a genuine basis, we will advise you accordingly, supporting
    you to handle the situation with your employer whilst still aiming to get the best outcome for you
  • will seek the best result for you and where appropriate will assist in any mediation process aimed at resolving disputes. However, where this is not successful we can advise on the appropriateness of further courses of action including proceeding to the Employment Tribunal
  • will support you to help you get back on track for your next role. We can do this by providing, for example, counselling, mentoring and coaching
  • will listen to your story to understand your issues. Through further questioning and feeding back to you, we will ensure that your issues are understood to enable us to provide the best support you need to resolve your issues
  • will use a prescribed toolkit of approaches to identify workplace concerns. This includes a timeline review to identify employment practice, when issues occurred and identify any contributory factors
  • will identify how and why a workplace issue arises. Through our analysis, we can identify areas for change, and develop recommendations to the benefit our members
  • will ensure that multi-disciplinary experts are involved in your case as relevant to your circumstance, experts such as human resources, legal, corporate governance, etc.
  • where necessary, to support our investigative review of your case, we may need to see various documents, these may include policies, contracts and letters written to you by your employer. We may ask you to obtain these directly and will assist you in any necessary subject access request under the Data Protection Act


Victito is a ‘one-stop-shop’ employment concern support service providing everything a person experiencing problems at work need to successfully resolve the concerns

we listen

We listen


We question


Involve appropriate expert




Legal advice




Analytical review


Provide support

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