Unfair dismissal

This is where your employer ends your employment unfairly for instance where your employer cannot show that there is fair reason for the dismissal, or where the employer cannot show that there are issues with your performance, or where the procedure used to dismiss you was not fair. This could be on the grounds of conduct or capability or unfair selection for redundancy, or relating to pregnancy or maternity.

Constructive dismissal

This is when an employee is forced to leave their job against their will because of their employer’s conduct which effectively repudiates the employment contract.

How does Victito help you with this?

  • support you in writing a letter to your employer requesting information on reasons for dismissal, monitoring the response within the expected timeframe
  • review the findings of an investigation carried out by your employer and support you to pull together evidence in response to the employer’s findings
  • help you raise a grievance
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