Our client was being made redundant by their organisation following a questionable restructure. The restructure was questionable because only one position was the focus of the proposed change.

It was at this point that Victitio was contacted by the client who was the affected individual. The client was identified to be a non-member of Victito and was in what is considered the crisis stage.

What We Did

  • Advised the client in how to respond to letters received from their employer
  • Met the client at a place convenient for them to discuss the issues and the outcome they were expecting
  • Supported them with identifying the evidence they required to challenge the questionable restructure
  • Provided psychological support needed by the client to help them with what they were going through

What was the outcome?

With the support of Victito, the client was able to successful secure a positive outcome as the employer withdrew the redundancy proposal.


“Victito helped me when I was told I would be made redundant from my job of more than 13 years. Mine was the only post in the organisation that was affected by the changes. All of my appraisals had been excellent until I had a new manager and then everything changed.”

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